Young Roots Farm – Camp Amy Molson

A small-scale ecological farm at Camp Amy Molson Summer Camp!
Ana Costillo and Company
Young Roots Farm

Since 2011, we at Camp Amy Molson, have been building abundance on the land with the conviction that pulling food from the soil is the most fun and delicious way to foster healthy attitudes towards food and our environment. We grow food to prepare it and share it together. With over 550 participants throughout summer camp season and harvest season, cooking and working together, we are reminded along with kids of all ages that the goodness of the earth is what sustains us.

Our 1/3 acre farm produces over 900 kg of vegetables, fruits and herbs without chemicals or pesticides, with methods that build soil and invite earthworms, frogs, snakes, wild turkeys and humans to find their balanced place in the ecosystem.

Attending VKH Farmers' Market July 22 & 29.
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