Become a Vendor

The VKH Farmers’ Market accepts applications year ‘round in quarterly sessions Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, from vendors in the following categories:

  1. Primary Producers (includes farmers/growers of vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy, eggs (graded chicken/other species of poultry ungraded), honey, maple syrup, plants, flowers, mushrooms, fibre, etc. as well as foragers of water and land products.
  2. Prepared food producers (includes sellers of value-added food products such as jams, pickles, baked goods, etc. as well as ready-to-eat/drink items like juice, salads, sandwiches, pizza, etc.)
  3. Artisans and makers of personal care products (makers of handcrafted non-food items)

Primary producers will make up at least 60% of the vendor pool. Priority is given to those who hold My Pick certification or other certifications approved by the VKH Farmers’ Market Board of Directors, that verify they grow 100% of what they will be selling at the Farmers’ Market. 

Prepared food vendors and craft/artisans using locally sourced ingredients and materials will be given preference in the application process. All those who make prepared foods for sale must have the Food Handlers Certificate issued by the EOHU or equivalent certification. All vendors must comply with Federal and Provincial regulations pertaining to the products they sell at the Market. 

Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market may wish jury products prior to accepting a vendor. Vendors will be selected based on whether or not their products are deemed to be a good fit for the market.

The VKH Farmers’ Market also welcomes community groups and buskers to apply to display/perform at the market.

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