This Saturday at the Market Dec 9th

Against the Grain: home grown blue corn meal, and barley products

Baked on the Hill

Butchers to Go: dog food

Cadotte Vegetable Farm: seasonal vegetables, preserves, flowers

Deco Flora: Christmas wreaths

Fergus’ Fotos

Food Activated: dehydrated and fermented food creations including: raw chocolate, produced herbs & spices, sprouts, nut cheeses, nut milk, breads, crackers, granola, lunch items.

Harmony Gardens

Jim’s Homestyle Baking: cookies, cakes, squares, tarts and fruit pies.

La Prima Cosa: Italian homemade foods

Kottage Küche Kottage Kraft: German cookies, cakes, apple strudel, cherry pockets, fresh baked waffles and crafts.

Meadowlark Rise Farm: vegetables

Nikki’s Garden: Apple Cider Vinegar and soured vegetables

McCaig’s Honey

Olsthoorn Farm: garlic and endives

Pinehedge Farm Yoghurt and Kefir

The Lochiel Loaf: handmade artisan breads, focaccia, breadsticks, Swedish cardamom buns, corn muffins.