“See you at the Market” Saturday April 21st!


Baked on the Hill: Healthy baked goods made local with plant based whole food ingredients.

The Broken Kettle Bakery and Barkery (Barnaby’s Treats): Offering Treats for people: Artisan Pretzels, Desert Breads, & Cinnamon Buns, and of course a few of the favourites, Butter Tarts, Brownies, Cookies, Muffins, Pies and Seasonal Baking. And handmade treats for Dogs: No preservatives, no unnatural ingredients.

Butchers to Go: Away this week. Back on April 28th. Quality raw dog food and marrow bones.

Dem Flaming Candles: Candles made with natural products using palm wax and eco friendly soya wax and essential oils, diffusers, gel candles with fun embedded figurine and handmade wood and metal candles holders. Natural furniture polish, soap and oil.

Elishka Farm: naturally raised – grass fed goat, lamb, beef, rabbit, organically grown seasonal fruits and vegetables, herbs, spices, wild mushrooms, plants, preserves, natural artisanal soaps (goat milk, honey, sea salt etc.) and skin products.

Food Activated: dehydrated and fermented food creations including: raw chocolate, produced herbs & spices, sprouts, nut cheeses, nut milk, breads, crackers, granola, lunch items.

Jim’s Homestyle Baking: Sweet treats, cookies, cakes, squares, tarts and fruit pies.

Kevin’s Ice Cream: homemade ice cream with different natural flavours.

Kottage Küche and Kottage Kraft: German cookies, cakes, apple strudel, cherry pockets, fresh baked waffles and crafts.

Kyan Culture: A local business growing micro greens. Micro greens are young vegetables younger than baby greens but older than sprouts. They are a great source of protein and micro nutrients, and come in a variety of flavours from sweet to spicy. Added to to salads, sandwiches, soups, smoothies or even just snacked on, they add a sparkle of fresh flavour that complements our great Winter comfort foods.

La Bergerie des Sables: Louay’s sourdough breads and Cheeses, Dips and dairy products made from Sheep’s Milk.

The Lochiel Loaf: Jo is back with her handmade artisan breads, focaccia, breadsticks, Swedish cardamom buns, corn muffins!

McCaig Honey: local award winning honey, bees wax candles, royal gelee, skin cream, bee pollen.

Olsthoorn Farm: garlic powder, local endive.

Rotis and Rolls: Srimathie Peris will be back at Market this week with her delicious rotis, samosas, chutneys and spice mixtures!

Trillium Meadows Red Deer and Wild Boar Farm: Red deer and wild boar meat, deer antlers.

Yarnworks Studio: Stephanie Anderson will be bringing all sorts of handmade yarnwork items. She operates out of her Studio, a cosy little place in Vankleek Hill where fellow crafters of all skill levels can come and work in the techniques of knitting, crochet, weaving and embroidery.

Our Guest Community Organization this week: Champlain Library. Anne will be on hand with an interesting selection of books offered on loan by our local Library.

Meet you at the Market Café!

This week: An Amazing Tomato, White Bean & Kale Soup with Miso Broth created by Chef Elisa of Beau’s All Natural Brewery

P.W.Y.W. in support of our Market Cafe Fundraiser.

Music with Mr. D:  Music and Information about Vankleek Hill’s Annual Porchfest!

As always,

“Coffee’s on”