Parachute Farm

Small-scale Organic (non-certified) Vegetable and Flower Farm
Mattson Griffiths and Maggie Winchester
Parachute Farm

Having met in 2013 on an organic vegetable farm in New Brunswick, starting a farm together has been many years in the making.
We have both dedicated the last 10 years to working and studying in the fields of food, agriculture, the environment, and community.

2023 is our first year producing independently as Parachute Farm!
We are currently growing on a quarter acre and are producing a wide variety of vegetable crops and flowers.
We use no mechanization, do minimal soil tillage, and use bio-intensive planting methods.

In addition to soil-forward thinking, we are very passionate about alternative land use and ownership models (i.e. co-ops and land trusts). With 15 years of combined farming experience, an unsubsiding passion for growing, the privilege of having access to family farmland and being part of the Vankleek Hill community, we feel over the moon excited for all that is yet to come for Parachute Farm!

Keep in touch through our weekly email list and instagram account.
438 888 5540