ADC   Seasonal veggies, fruit, dill, herbs, garlic, rhubarb, plants, flowers, jams, pickles, preserves.

Buzzy Beez   Honey

Elishka Farm  Goat meat in various cuts and sausages.

Fresh Kale, Varieties of Squash and Herbs.

Medicinal and culinary  mushrooms, mushroom powders, and seasonings. Vegetarian chili and basil pesto with almonds and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Soaps and personal care items, candles, and crafts.

Harmony Gardens – garlic dried and for gifts, garlic infused honey, squash, celery, parsley, turnips, and beets.

Jardins Stonefield – preserves includingsalsa, beets, sweet zucchini, onions, and butternut squash.

La Biquetterie – Various cuts of Goat meat, sausage, Pet treats and Artisan Crafts

La Fermette du Pape – Eight different flavours of artisanal preserves, butternut squash.

Lortie-culture – Garlic, squash, artisanal preserves.

Lost Donkey Farm – 100% beeswax candles (tapers, pillars, and other shapes), hot sauce, Apple Butter, Wine Jelly, Pickled turnips, pickled jalapeños, candied jalapeños, zucchini relish, sweet rhubarb chutney, hand embroidered pins. 

Meadowlark Farm – Hazel nuts Heart nuts, Garlic, Daikon radish, Jerusalem artichokes, cabbage.

Parachute Farm  – Dried flower bouquets, some herbs, carrots, turnips, kale.

Stonehouse Vineyard – Premium Estate grown, produced and bottled Wine.

Trillium Meadows – Red Deer & Wild Boar Products


Boulangerie Mira – Several varieties ofLong Ferment Sourdough breads, apple strudel,  Berliners, Sausage rolls, Fougasse (olive or cheese),  Bourek (meat or cheese phyllo), and seasonal pies.

BT Delights – Award winningartisanal Jams and Jellies crafted with locally sourced produce.

Gourmet Cuisine – Egyptian Foods prepared and packaged for reheating at home.

Jim’s Homestyle – Sweet and savoury Baked Goods.

Ruby Treats – Huge variety of Amazing Dehydrated Treats for Pets.


The Birdhouse Lady – Whimsical Birdhouses Handcrafted with recycled materials.

Exclusive Wall Art – Nature photography at it’s best.

Fire Sparks Creations – Handmade Fashion accessories.

Heather Bees Thrifts Upcycled décor and personal accessories.

Paula’s Embroidery – Tea towels, aprons, table runners and place mats.

Russell Brooks – Author of action-adventure suspense thrillers: Pandora’s Succession, Unsavoury Delicaies, Chill Run. The Demeter Code, and Jam Run.

Market Fundraising Table: 

Fresh brewed Market Roast Coffee, Market Roast Coffee Beans,

VKH Stickers , Organic Cotton Bags for Bread and Produce, and

Vintage style Market String Bags!  Pickle Patch Soap