ADC   Seasonal veggies fruit  dill herbs garlic  rhubarb  plants  flowers  jams  pickles  preserves

Buzzy Beez   Honey

La Biquetterie  Various cuts of Goat meat, sausage, Pet treats and Artisan Crafts

Jardins Stonefield Celery  beef steak and cherry tomatoes  Mini sweet peppers  cabbage  potatoes  beets  zucchini  green beans  fennel  green onion  kale  leeks

La Fermette du Pape Cocktail-Cherry and slicing tomatoes  eggplant  kale  onions  bunching onions  garlic  yellow  green  and burgundy beans  sugar snap peas  sweet bell peppers (green, red, yellow, orange, purple, white), red Italian frying peppers  jalapeno and chilis  zucchini  cucumbers  leeks  carrots  beets and artisanal preserves

Parachute Farm  Arugula Radicchio Kale Chard Beets Carrots Yellow Beans Zucchini Tomatillos Parsley Sage Thyme Lemonbalm Mint Calendula Flower Bouquets Garlic

Trillium Meadows  Red Deer & Wild Boar Products


Boulangerie Mira Several varieties ofLong Ferment Sourdough breads  apple strudel  Berliners  Sausage rolls  Fougasse (olive or cheese)  Bourek (meat or cheese phyllo)  and pies

Jim’s Homestyle Bakery  Sweet and savoury Baked Goods

Ruby Treats – Huge variety of Amazing Dehydrated Treats for Pets


The Birdhouse Lady Whimsical Birdhouses Handcrafted with recycled materials.

Paula’s Embroidery Tea towels, aprons and table runner and place mats

Market Fundraising Table: 

Fresh brewed Market Roast Coffee   Market Roast Coffee Beans

VKH Stickers   Organic Cotton Bags for Bread and Produce, and

Vintage style Market String Bags!  Pickle Patch Soap