The Biquetterie –Variety of Goat meat, Pet treats and Artisan Crafts

Niloufar’s Preserves - Apple Juice, Apple Sauce, wild garlic.

Pickle Patch Farm - Handmade Soap delightfully scented with essential oils.

Trillium Llamas - Yarns, felted insoles, handknitted/woven items crafted with fibre from Llamas and Alpacas raised on the farm.

Trillium Meadows – Red Deer & Wild Boar Products


Boulangerie Mira – European styleBakery Goods, pastries and long ferment Sourdough Breads

BT Delights – jams and Jellies

Lochiel Loaf – Jo’s signature Bread and Baked Goods – Sweet and savoury


Bird House Lady – Whimsical Birdhouses Handcrafted with recycled materials.

Market Table:

Fresh brewed Market Roast Coffee - Market Roast Coffee Beans - VKH stickers