ADC fines Herbes – Vegetables & herbs
Baked on the Hill – Nut butters
Buzzy Beez – Honey
Elishka Farm – Meat, Vegetables, Soap & more
Focus Pocus Planner – Planners, notebooks & stationery
L&D Heggie – Intarsia Woodworking
Trillium Meadows – Red Deer & Wild Boar Products
Kevin’s Ice Cream– Homemade Ice cream
Jim’s Homestyle Bakery – Baked Goods
Tom’s Pantry – Bread
Phoenix Bath & Beauty – Soaps and more
Reudi’s Woodworking – Seasonal creations
Ruby Treats – Dehydrated Dog Treats
Market Store – Market Roast Coffee

Available for Pre-Order and Curbside Pick-up Only:
Lochiel Loaf – Bread & baked goods
Peché Fumé – Smoked fish
Gibbs Honey – Honey
Trillium Llamas – Alpaca felted insoles