Elishka Farm – Meat, Veg, Preserves, Soap etc.
Tom’s Pantry – Sourdough Bread
Safety Trends – Masks
Baked on the Hill – Nut Butters
Trillium Meadows – Red Deer & Wild Boar
Kevin’s Ice Cream– Ice creams
Jim’s Homestyle Bakery – Baked Goods
Market Store – Market Roast Coffee & Garlic

Available for Pre-Order and Curbside Pick-up Only
Black Duck Farm – Poultry
Pickle Patch Farm – Pork & Turkey
Le Petit Brûlé – Smoked Fish
Lochiel Loaf – Bread & baked goods
Miner Aqua Greens – Lettuce, Kale, Herbs & Fish

March 6 2021 vendor list