Unless further restrictions are put in place, the Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market has been approved by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit to operate indoors at 79 Derby Ave, in Vankleek Hill, during the COVID-19 restrictions, provided the following requirements are being met:
• All personnel, volunteers and patrons must wear masks.
• No food or beverage is consumed on-site.
• A maximum of 30 patrons are allowed into the market at the same time as long as a minimum of 2 m ( 6.5’) physical distancing can be maintained.
• A maximum number of patrons per room has also been determined and is maintained by a simple card system to avoid overcrowding. Staff and volunteers are on hand for guidance.
• Signage is posted indicating that patrons should maintain a distance of 2 meters between each other.
• Handwashing stations and/or hand sanitizer is available for use throughout the site. Signage for hand hygiene is posted and all patrons must be instructed to perform proper hand hygiene prior to entering the market. Personnel, vendors and volunteers are screened for Covid before entering the site, and the names and phone numbers of all patrons are recorded each Market Day. Records are kept for tracking purposes related to Covid –
19 exposure only.
• Environmental disinfection of high touch surfaces in the market area using 1 part household chlorine bleach to 9 parts water or a commercial product that is indicated as being a DISINFECTANT and that carries a DIN (drug identification number). High contact surfaces include doorknobs, service counters, debit machines, menus are increased.
• Patrons are encouraged to use contactless payment methods and make their purchases and exit the market in a timely manner.
• This arrangement is approved by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit and adjustments will be made as necessary.

These are challenging times and Market operations have had to change to ensure customer and vendor safety. In order for Markets to continue to operate, Market staff, vendors and customers will need to all work together and adapt to the recommended policies and procedures from public health officials.

This will not be easy as Markets are usually very social and hospitable places, but during Covid-19, it is not business as usual. We ask all Market stakeholders to be flexible, kind and accommodating in order to continue supporting farmers’ markets, farmers, small businesses and a resilient local food system.

Thank you and stay safe!