Scapes Acres

Homegrown gourmet garlic from our farm to your table!
Tracy Wilson & Matthew Dunn
Scapes Acres

We pride ourselves on producing high quality gourmet garlic just as grandma intended.
Harvest time has arrived and we are offering:

Homegrown gourmet garlic bulbs in 6 different varieties, and available by the bulb, the pound, or variety bouquet.
Music, Chesnok Red, Red Russian, Persian star, Portugal Azores or Mama Mia Icy.

Garlic Salt and dried slices.

Homemade garlic scapes pesto with parmesan.
(fresh garlic scapes, olive oil, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper)
Pesto samples on site!

Visit us at our Market booth during the months of August and September.
( Stay tuned for October )

Join us on our new adventure.

Matt, Tracy, Liam, Noah and Abigail
514 823 6533
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