Pickle Patch Farm

Organic Farm: Heritage Tamworth Pork - Lamb (upon occasion) - Pastured Poultry - Pickles
Aartje den Boer
Pickle Patch Farm

At the Pickle Patch everyone loves their job! The sheep keep the pastures under control, the Aussies watch out for predators, the pigs plough the fields, the chickens and turkeys scratch the soil looking for insects and weed seeds and everyone fertilizes!

Hops, cucumbers, vegetables, berries and herbs are grown and harvested for beer-making, sausages, jams and pickles and just plain eating.

These industrious animals, some born and raised at Pickle Patch, are rewarded with tasty special treats like spent grains from Beau’s Brewery in Vankleek Hill, garden trimmings and apples in the fall, along with certified organic and local non gmo grain, hay and straw.

The chestnut, hazelnut and Korean Pine trees are growing well and eventually be providing nut treats.