Miner Aqua Green Foods

An organic aquaponics farm raising Tilapia and growing a variety of leafy greens and fine herbs.
Frederick Miner
Miner Aqua Green Foods - MAG - Aquaponics Farm

Aquaponics is an innovative system that uses water and fish waste as organic food for the
plants. The water is recycled by the plants and naturally filtered for the fish. It’s what we call
“an environment in a box - the farmer acts as mother nature”
We came up with numerous ways to grow greens, fruits, herbs and veggies where we use
nothing but fish and water to grow our produce. There is no soil, no preservative or growth
hormones to be seen, just organic supplements such as algae and UV lamps.
The microbiome environment that aquaponics offers is considered organic due to its natural ecosystem.
An aquaponics greenhouse can grow about 6-8 times more food per acre compared to
traditional agriculture and grows 2-3 times faster than in soil.
We produce a variety of leafy greens and fine herbs, as well as tilapia fish in our greenhouse in Clarence-Rockland, Ontario. Come see us at the market or visit our website for updated availability.

Team MAG foods Fred Miner Kassandra Guylaine