Ferme Ecologique de la Chene Blanc

Honey (honey-sweetened jams and cakes, honeycomb, beeswax wraps) - Vegetables
Diana Ion
Ferme Ecologique de la Chene Blanc

Honey from our beehives and apiary-related products, depending on availability (honey-sweetened jams and cakes, honeycomb, beeswax wraps), vegetables from our naturally grown garden and related products (vegetable preserves)

Started in 2009 as a small vegetable hobby farm, Le Chêne blanc quickly became very popular with our friends in Montreal. In 2013, 3 hives were added and the apiary hasn't stopped growing since. In 2014, we moved to Ste-Justine-de-Newton on 57 acres of land, in order to allow our farm to grow and our bees to have a protected place to forage in peace.

The years have passed, the garden has grown as well as the apiary, but without ever losing its artisanal vocation. Since 2018, in addition to serving our customers in Montreal, we are present at VKH farmers market.

We currently offer honey, seasonal vegetables are grown naturally without any synthetic additives, as well as processed and baked goods.