Black Duck Farm

Pasturd Artisanal Chicken and Turkey
Adrien Quenneville
Black Duck Farm

Black Duck Farm is a small family-owned farm located in Glen Nevis, Ontario. We currently produce pastured chickens and expanded into pastured turkeys in 2018.

We have fed our birds' different diets over the past 3 years, but have settled on producing both conventional and organic grain-fed chickens in different batches. In 2018 we produced one batch of chickens on conventional feed and one batch on organic grains. This allows you, the customer, to decide whether the premium price of organic is important to you, without having to compromise on the quality that is a pastured bird.

Our animals are moved every couple of days to fresh grass, seeds, and insects, in a rotation.This rotation allows us to produce superior chicken in taste, nutrient density, and health, all while not needing any medication and while improving the quality of our pastures. We have also managed to not use the same portion of our pasture for each batch, hereby ensuring the best bio-security for the animals.