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Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market Vendor information (download here)

Market Mission Statement

“A champion of wholesome locally produced foods, and arts and crafts, the Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market is a forum for producers and customers to engage in amicable commerce while fostering a sense of community.”


Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market 5814 Hwy 34, VCI High School Vankleek Hill, ON; K0B 1R0

Mailing address: Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market P.O. Box 1320, Vankleek Hill, ON; K0B 1R0

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The Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market is a community-based farmers’ market operating on a weekly basis every Saturday morning year round in Vankleek Hill, Ontario. Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors which are voted in at the Annual General Meeting, the market strives to provide local, sustainably produced fresh foods in ways that build community, supports local food growers and producers, and promotes access to healthy food for all. The market is comprised of over 20 vendors, focusing on local produce, locally raised meats, baked goods, and prepared foods. We are proud to be celebrating our 20th year in 2016.


The market promotes locally-produced foods and arts and crafts; it favours vendors who are personally involved in growing, processing or manufacturing their products. Reselling is not permitted.


The market is open year-round. During the winter months (approx. mid-October until end of May) the market is located inside the VCI cafetorium and during the summer months outside in the VCI parking lot. Hours of operation are 9 am – 1 pm. Set up starts at 8 am.

All members are expected to assist with either the set up or the take down of the market. Canopies and tables can be rented during the summer months if the vendor does not have their own. Please advise the Market Manager if you are renting or if you are bringing your own. Personal canopies and other items cannot be stored on the market trailer.


The market is a farmers’ market, as part of our membership critieria with Farmers’ Market Ontario (FMO) the market must have 51% of our vendors as producer/farmer vendors.

Producers/farmers: sell agricultural products including; fruit, vegetables, plants, seeds, cereal, mushrooms, fish, meat, game meat, honey products, maple syrup products, horticultural products, indigenous products.

Government regulated items ie eggs, dairy, chicken and meat must comply with provincial regulations, and the farmer must show proof that they are operating within these regulations.

Additional items may be sold such as: baked goods (including bread, pies, cakes), jams, jellies and preserves and prepared foods. It is preferable for these items to contain at least 51% of the vendors’ own product. For example, pies should contain at least 51% of their fruit, or meat, or vegetables. All items are subject to approval by the Board.

Local is defined as products that are grown, raised, gathered or produced in Prescott-Russell, SD&G and western Quebec within a 100 km radius.

Arts and Crafts: products being sold must be of high quality which are designed and made by the vendor. The ratio of arts and crafts vendors to produce vendors shall not exceed 1:5 in high season. This is to ensure that the market remain a “farmers’ market”.

A vendor is defined as one approved by the market board to sell his/her own products.

An agent vendor is a pre-approved vendor who may sell the products of a supplemental producer.

A supplemental producer is someone whose products may be sold at the market by a regular vendor who is called the “agent vendor”. The supplemental producer must be approved by the Board of Directors and be signed up as a market member and pay the yearly membership fee, whomever is selling their product must also pay a table fee for that product. For example, if Happy Farm wants to sell cheese from another vendor, then the person they are getting the cheese from is considered to be a “supplemental producer”, and Happy Farm must also pay the table fee for the cheese sold.

Food processors/handlers are required to be aware of food safety regulations as outlined by the Ministry of Health. It’s preferable for food processors/handlers to have taken the Food Safety Certification course, details may be obtained from the Market Manager or contact the local health unit. It is preferable for processors to use local products when they can.

Community non vendor members: must be approved for market membership and do not have a vote at meetings unless on the Board of Directors.


New applicants are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors selection committee, if there are no openings then the applicant will be put on a waiting list and will be advised when there is an opening. The submission of an application should not be construed as acceptance. The market may on occasion have special days where craft vendors will be brought in and a market membership is not required on these days, instead a daily fee will be charged.

Returning vendors are required to complete an annual membership application which lists all items to be sold and pay the yearly fee. If a vendor wishes to introduce additional items during the season, a new application must be made.

Applications can be mailed or hand-delivered to the Market Manager. All applications are reviewed to ensure all products being sold are in keeping with market principles and also to ensure maximum variety and availability of goods at the market. Farm/business visits can also take place.


Vendors once approved are required to pay an annual fee of $35. The membership fee must be received before February 28th in order to have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.

There is a weekly table fee of $20. In the summer tables and canopies are available to rent if a vendor doesn’t have their own. Canopies are $10/day, tables $5/day. Arrangements for rentals should be made in advance with the Market Manager.


Volunteers are needed and appreciated in a few areas such as; setup and take-down of the market, participation on the Board of Directors, storage and transportation of market property, assisting in special events, on special committees, and other activities as determined by the Market Manager in conjunction with the Board.


The Market is insured through Co-operators Insurance which covers the market only for liability and does not cover individual vendors in case of loss or incident. It is strongly encouraged for vendors to have their own insurance coverage. To participate in many local festivals and events insurance is normally required.


Stall assignments are made weekly by the Market Manager. While every effort will be made to ensure continuity of location, no guarantees can be made for your location. Vendors who are there every week and who help with set up will be given priority. Only canopies and tables which are the market’s will be stored on the trailer.


Vendors are encouraged to display a business name and to personalize their stalls. Tables should be clean and attractive and prices should be displayed. There is no smoking at market stalls.


The market uses social media to promote the market. We encourage all vendors to get onto facebook and will assist you if you need help.


Vendors should allow ample time for set-up prior to opening and should be set up by 9 am. Vendors are expected to have enough product to last throughout the market day, however, should a vendor sell out before market closing, a sold-out sign should be displayed. Booths may not be taken down before closing time 1pm except by prior agreement with the Market Manager.

Cancellations should be made by Friday evening by contacting the Market Manager, or at the very latest before 7:30 am. If a vendor does not show up and has not advised the Market Manager they must pay the full table fee.


Vehicles should only be parked temporarily in front of the school for unloading and need to be moved to the parking lot area so that we aren’t blocking the fire route or blocking the entrance to the school.