This Saturday –

Vendors at Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market

During the Covid crisis:

NEW! Click here to link to Vendors opened shops on open food network!

You can also contact the following vendors directly by email for orders and pre-arranged safe pickup.

David & Philip Inc: grass fed angus beef (
La Ferme de la Chene Blanc: honey, bread, preserves, soups, beeswax (
Elishka Farm: naturally raised grass fed goat and lamb, preserves, soaps (
Jim`s Homestyle Baking: sweet treats,cookies, cakes, squares, tarts and fruit pies (
The Lochiel Loaf: homemade artisan breads, focaccia, breadsticks, Swedish cardamon buns, corn muffins, quiche (
Market Roast coffee beans: certified organic, certified fair trade, shade grown, dark or medium roast (
Pickle Patch Farm: Pastured Heritage Tamworth Pork and poultry – Animals are pastured and fed certified organic feeds including Beaus` Brewery spent grains.Products include cured bacon, pork sausage, meat pies, soups, standard pork cuts (
Tom`s Pantry: authentic sourdough bread
Trillium Meadows Red Deer and Wild Boar Farm: red deer and wild boar meat, deer antlers, sausages, meat pies, pâtes, etc. (
Kevin`s Ice Cream: homemade ice cream with different natural flavours – apricot, lemon, strawberry, haskap berry, coffee, Bailey, chocolate, banana (
Les Vergers Villeneuve and Blueberry Farm: fruit wines from homegrown and locally produced fruit and berries – Apple, Apple Chill, Blueberry, Blueberry Chill, Cranberry, Haskap, Mapleberry, Pear, Pear Chill, Raspberry, Red current, Strawberry, Autumn Pleasure (port) (
Wongstar: homemade eggrolls, pof rolls (613-632-0689)