“Who’s at Market?” January 20th

McCaig’s Honey: local award winning honey, bees wax candles, royal gelee, skin cream, bee pollen.

Olsthoorn Farm: garlic, garlic powder, local endive, Christmas centerpieces with fresh evergreens.

Trillium Meadows Red Deer and Wild Boar Farm: Red deer and wild boar meat, deer antlers.

Kevin’s Ice Cream: Homemade ice cream with different natural flavours.

Baked on the Hill: Healthy baked goods made local with plant based whole food ingredients.

Kottage Küche Kottage Kraft: German cookies, cakes, apple strudel, cherry pockets, fresh baked waffles and crafts.

Butchers to Go: raw dog food.

Barnaby’s Treats: Hand made dog treats. No preservatives, no unnatural ingredients.

Elishka Farm: naturally raised – grass fed goat, lamb, beef, rabbit, organically grown seasonal fruits and vegetables, herbs, spices, wild mushrooms, plants, preserves, natural artisanal soaps (goat milk, honey, sea salt etc.) and skin products.

This week’s Special Guest: Champlain Library: Our Local Library. This week’s book display will feature library books on “Eating Well” and “ Getting back in Shape”.

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