Who’s at Market January 13th

Dalkeith Historical Society presents Robbie Burns! 


McCaig’s Honey: local award winning honey, bees wax candles, royal gelee, skin cream, bee pollen.


Olsthoorn Farm: garlic, garlic powder, local endive, Christmas centerpieces with fresh evergreens.


Trillium Meadows Red Deer and Wild Boar Farm: Red deer and wild boar meat, deer antlers.


Kevin’s Ice Cream: homemade ice cream with different natural flavours.


Against the Grain: home grown blue corn meal, and barley product.


The Lochiel Loaf: handmade artisan breads, focaccia, breadsticks, Swedish cardamom buns, corn muffins.


Kottage Küche Kottage Kraft: German cookies, cakes, apple strudel, cherry pockets, fresh baked waffles and crafts.


Jim’s Homestyle Baking: sweet treats, Christmas baking, cookies, cakes, squares, tarts and fruit pies.


Baked on the Hill: Healthy baked goods made local with plant based whole food ingredients.


Butchers to Go: raw dog food.


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